ATTENTION: Parents of Youth Soccer Players Who Need to be More Confident and Focused

MindForm MVP Method
International Sport Psychologist and Peak Performance Advisor Reveals: 
A Unique New Science Backed Learning Approach Your Child Can Use To Overcome Adversity And Disappointment On and Off the Field And Enjoy More Soccer Success in less than 10 minutes a day.
It's true
There's a new and different way for your child to boost their focus and confidence, so what's happening on the sidelines has ZERO effect on them...
  • for handling uncomfortable situations during practice…
  • for dealing with errors and losses during the game…
  • for overcoming frustrations when they are learning new skills

It's called the

MindForm MVP Method

And it’s very different from common methods of coaching and teaching because of how it harnesses their passion for soccer and channels it into calm confidence by systematically introducing your child to different mindset skills every morning in a matter of minutes, while their mind is in its peak learning state.

And as you’ll see, with the MindForm methodology in place, your child can relax into a simple effective routine in only a few minutes each day.

Best part of all, it doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars on a performance coach, nag your child, or force them to endure boring lectures or classes, and you won't have to listen to them getting frustrated or beating themselves up any more, too.

Instead you will see meaningful, confident game play regardless of whether your child makes errors, misses goals, or faces taunts from other players.
So, if you want your young player to channel their passion for the game of soccer into a healthy mindset so they can play free of frustration or fear, you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Hi, my name is Yalcin Bekar,
but you can call me Yal.

I had a lot of natural talent as a soccer player in my youth.

In fact, when you see your child deal with other players who have raw talent and hog the ball all the time…

...I was that other player.
But the embarrassing truth is that other kids, exactly like your child, passed me by, and gradually my dreams of being a pro player were crushed. 

..and at the time, I had no idea why.

But now I know. 
After studying Psychology and spending the past 25 years working directly with peak performance psychologists like Dr. Matt Pain, Former Psychology Manager at The English Football Association and Psychology Advisor for The MindForm MVP Method™ 

…I know exactly where I went wrong, and the answer is simple. Mindset.

MindForm MVP Method™

That’s why I founded the Soccer Mindset Academy, and developed the MindForm MVP Method™.
I want all young soccer players to have the exact same advantage that the kids attending soccer training academies in pro clubs have.

Fact is… there’s no better way right now for your child to become a more focused, confident, soccer player than by using the MindForm MVP Method™.

First of all, it’s totally unique, because we know... 
A Great Soccer Mind Needs to
FOCUS on Much More
Than Just Increasing Confidence.
This is where most mindset improvement strategies fall short.
Aside from confidence, sports psychologists have identified nine other mindset skills that are common to all the greatest soccer players on the planet.

Your child needs to apply all of these mental skills to four vital soccer abilities. 
  • their technical abilities, like receiving, shooting, and second touching…
  • ​their tactical abilities, like keeping track of who should be where, and quickly understanding the other team’s tactics ...
  • ​their physical abilities, like speed and strength…
  • ​and their psychological abilities, like focus and concentration.

We take all these factors into account so your child ends up with a truly balanced mindset. So when the ball is passed to them, they instantly assess teammates and the opposition, make a decision, and execute the play. WITHOUT looking at their feet… And you cheer with pride.
As a Parent, Your Role Is Vital… And Easy
As much as your child’s coach would love to do mindset coaching, physical skills and team tactics take up 100% of their time

So if mindset training is going to happen, it falls on you. 
The good news is that MindForm MVP Method™ simplifies everything into daily activities which focus on a single element of a great soccer mindset for just a few minutes each day.

In a minute I’ll show you how to get started with this today,

...but what this means is that the unfair advantage that other players have is gone.
Soccer players who can afford pro clubs and sports psychologists are no longer the only ones with access to the tools to grow unshakable confidence.

When you work with your child for a few minutes each day, tiny positive results begin to compound. They build up until your child is no longer nervous in front of the goal, no longer afraid to take penalty kicks, no longer worried about letting teammates down.
The best part is…
MindForm MVP Method™ Works For Players of All Experience Levels
…because regardless of how long or how well your child has been playing soccer, they have experienced getting better at something at some time in their life. 

MindForm builds on that.

Every day you use one of four psychological tools to give your child power over “negative thought reflexes” that can limit their growth.

And every day, when you praise and encourage their progress rather than their results, your child will grow more and more self-driven.

Research shows that they will love the game more and that will show in their performance.
So here is the… 
MindForm MVP Method™ breakdown… It’s Simple
So for example, when your child focuses on imagination, they will improve every area of their game. 

They imagine believing in themselves completely,   
  • they experience high levels of confidence in game situations,
  • ​they see themselves enjoying soccer,
  • ​and they visualize making split second decisions.
Another mental skill is Emotional Balance. By focusing on this specific mental skill, they discover the key to succeeding under pressure during a game. They uncover within themselves the ability to deal with disappointment and mistakes.  

And each of these ten skills is developed in four different ways so that your child’s entire brain is accessed.

Your child learns and practices to focus using Mental Drills.  
With their eyes closed, your child will see themselves mastering all aspects of soccer by using Guided Visualization.
They will process and prioritize new skills, and they will track their progress as they write in their journal.
So your child’s “Negative Thought Reflex” is kept in check.
  • They won’t be too hard on themselves after a loss or a mistake.
  • ​They will talk to you about their failures as much as they celebrate their victories.
  • ​They will enter a game without preconceived notions about “better” teams and “better” players.

So right now, there are...
Two Ways To Get Started With the
MindForm MVP Method™

The first way is to hire a private performance coach.

The good ones are familiar with all ten mindset skills and they can spend time creating a program that will use each one for your child’s training.
Most good performance coaches know about the power of mental drills and guided visualizations.
They would need to work directly with your child’s coach because each of these mental skills have to be applied specifically to whatever your child is learning BUT...
The disadvantage of this approach is that it tends to be very pricey, takes time to tailor to each child, and on top of that it takes away some of the important interaction between you and your child.

But there’s a second way.

By now, you see how and why the MindForm MVP Method™ is so effective at building confidence and instilling a lifetime passion for soccer.
And you understand what makes it so powerful for promoting positive thought processes and building their resilience.
And that’s why today I want to give you the opportunity to put it to work for your child with a unique product called the 10 Day Soccer Mindset Challenge.
Let me tell you what it will do for you, how quickly it will work, and everything you get when you join today.
Start the Soccer Mindset Challenge
The 10 day Soccer Mindset Challenge is the perfect way to discover and try out MindForm and channel their passion for soccer into a lifelong love of the game for your child so they continue to play and succeed for years.
It is powered by the MindForm MVP Method™, and the first workout is unlocked and waiting for you.
Your child will spend time each day on a mobile device [or laptop].
But a few minutes each day is all that is needed.
  •  There is a peak performance guided visualization that walks your child through interacting positively with others on the field and handling their negative emotions during stressful times.
  • ​There is a mental drill designed to help your child develop a daily routine. When they show up for practice and games, they will be ready to stick to their job on the field, track back, make runs.
  • ​There is a guided visualization about commitment - how they can hit the field eager for new challenges, show for the ball, and become a positive presence in the team. Because positive images and beliefs that are stored in their brain soon become real!
  • ​On day 7, the mental drill prepares them to become more balanced. So before the match even starts, they manage their nerves. They stay cool during the game, even when things get tough. When they are tackled or fouled, they are back in the game immediately.
You'll watch your child discover their existing mindset and use a mental drill to set goals for all areas of soccer success. So when your child shows up for practice with a physical goal of running faster, they will have more focus and commitment because they have a clear plan and THEY want it more than anyone.
These are only half of the exercises in the 10 day soccer mindset challenge.
You also receive a printable Parent’s guide,
and every day you will receive an email with what your child will be learning and doing for that day.
This email also gives you instructions for how you can help your child on that day.
All of these, the mindset drills, the guided visualizations, the workouts, the parent guide and have a VALUE OF $19.99. That’s what we sell it for in the Soccer Mindset Academy.
Think about it like this:
If all the challenge did was help your child deal with adversity on the playing field without emotional drama, would it be worth twenty bucks?
We think so because when you get right down to it, soccer is supposed to be fun, isn’t it?
If all the challenge did was give your child a little more confidence that they could carry to the classroom, would it be worth it?
Again, I would say… YES, it would be worth it because stress somehow creeps into their lives everywhere. Having a tool to combat that and boost their confidence is a wonderful gift for a child. 
Our vision is to introduce as many young players as we can to what pro and elite players are already doing, and what they are doing differently than everyone else is working on their mindset.
So now you have the solution, all you have to do to register for the 10 day Challenge is use the link below to create your account, then download the app from either the Apple or Google play store onto your chosen device.
Simply log in to the app with the details you choose when creating your account and you’re all set! Or if you don’t have access to a device, you can log in to the challenge through our web platform, simple!
See you on the inside!
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